Is your Connection Slow?- How to Test and Improve Your VPN Speed

Improve your VPN speed

How to Test and Improve Your VPN

A VPN allows you to access
streaming sites, watch sports, movies, shows, or torrent content. For all of
these activities, network speed and stability are crucial. With that in mind,
using a VPN that significantly slows down your connection speed would be
contra-productive. So, what can you do to avoid lags and connection drops
caused by poor VPN internet speed? In this Zlog post, we’ll go deeper into this
ever-present subject and take a look at how you can test and improve your VPN
speed.

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Are VPNs Obsolete in 2020?

Are VPNs Obsolete

Are VPNs Obsolete Or Is There Any Value to Them in 2020?

As the natural reaction to the increasingly intrusive behavior of the world’s leading governmental systems, many online users are trying to protect their valuable personal and financial information from prying eyes and malicious people roaming the Internet. To do so, most of them opt for VPN services as one of the last bastions of free and anonymous Internet. At the same time, many users are arguing that VPNs have become obsolete over the years, and don’t provide you with much value for money or actual protection. With all of this in mind, are VPNs worth the subscription price and do you really need them? Read our take on this topic. Read more...

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Can Police Track VPN Users?

can police track VPN users

Can Police Track VPN Connections and Activities?

A VPN service is an extremely
useful tool, as it helps you unlock all restricted sites and browse the
Internet in complete privacy and anonymity. It’s great for privacy-conscientious
users who want to protect their valuable personal and financial information
from prying eyes.

But, does this apply in all
situations, and is a VPN service really the ultimate privacy and anonymity card
in the online world? Can police track VPN users when undertaking illegal
activities? In this week’s Zlog, we’ll answer these questions and many other
important matters attached to this topic.

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What Can Hackers Do With Your IP Address? – Best Tips How to Protect It

IP address protection

Protect Your IP Address From Falling Into the Wrong Hands

Your IP address is an essential component of your online experience. It acts as an identifier for the device you’re using and helps websites know where to send information. But, even though it plays such a crucial role, the dangers surrounding improper IP security are rarely discussed. Since it holds certain data about you and your activities, hackers can exploit your IP address for various malicious purposes. In this week’s Zlog, we’ll take a look at the most common ways someone can find your IP address, what they can do with it, and how you can prevent it from falling into the wrong hands. Read more...

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